Willie Burton


Instagrammable Art

This week I’ve been questioning and intrigued by instagrammable art. As of recently, it seems to be transitioning into something more “serious” than in past years. I specifically have noticed that with the birth of The Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory. The “Is it art?” question comes up a lot by people who favor and dislike the genre. I do consider it art and believe it serves a purpose. Two words that I associate with instagrammable art are installation and interactive. The pieces are usually in the form of an installation that relies on interaction to activate the space or object. As a young artist who is moving in the direction of creating installations that viewers can interact with, I fully enjoy that aspect of it.

The art world has a tendency of differentiating itself between Art with a capital A and art. Kind of like elitist masquerading as egalitarians. Critics and purist jump towards judging instagrammable art on a surface level rather than based on its intentions or potential. You have works that are bringing people together, sparking imagination and commentating on current times; however, because it does not follow the “traditional rules”, we must not consider it Art. It’s as if art is in a constant cycle of contradictions that only become valid when it’s convenient for a certain group.

Despite my position that instagrammable art is art, I do question how it will affect us moving forward. Will this form of creation diminish the value of art as a whole? Artistic value has already been simplified down to aesthetic appeal, size, and popularity. Today if an artist cannot fit themselves into a minimum of two out of the three categories, then it becomes almost impossible for them to make a living and support their practice. This new direction seems to only make things harder than they already are. Yet I’m just as excited for what the future holds. These challenges and changes pushes art forward and opens new possibilities for creativity. Which will hopefully better us a society. One must continue to be open minded and question everything.

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Willie Burton