Willie Burton


The World of Dries Van Noten

In the never-ending cycle of "fashion is dying", their are few designers left within the industry that are universally held at the highest regard. Dries Van Noten is one of the few continuing to push forward with grace and master craftsmanship. For the first time ever, the Belgian fashion designer allowed his life to be documented for an entire year. 

Reiner Holzemer, the documentarian behind Dries, gives us an intimate looking into the psyche of Dries. Reiner is renowned for capturing pure moments that make the viewer feel as if they are the one behind the camera. Both similar in some respects garner a trusted connection that allows for honest and insightful dialogue. Showing a side of the designer and his life that is not always open to the world. A definite source of information and inspiration.

More about the film, screenings, and purchase: Driesfilm.com 

Film clips courtesy of ShowStudio

- Willie