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Shut up and Listen: A list of my favorite podcast

When I’m tired of 808s bleeding my ears and want prerecorded conversations from people in rooms I’ve never been, here’s what enjoy.

My rotation of podcast I frequently listen to. Ranging from art snobbery, fashion mischief, food chain restaurant analysis, and murder stories. With a sprinkle of CEO bag talk and ”the culture”.


Bad At Sports 

Art talk within Chicago and everywhere else. 


 The Business of Fashion  

Designer and industry insight



The greatest food podcast EVER! 


 My Favorite Murder

Hometown stories that spook and make you giggle


 Failing Upwards

#Failgang, you better CALL IT! East coast media elitism at its finest


 A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal

aka the kings of aka’s  


 The Cutting Room Floor

Mandatory listen for emerging designers, especially of color. Workshopping in real-time   


 How I Built This with Guy Raz 

How the staples we love came to be. I discover something new every listen. 


 Hey, Cool Job! 

It’s Mary H.K. Choi. Talking to people with cool jobs. What else do you need?  



All about great design. 


 Design Matters 

People you may not be too familiar with but should know. Interesting stories. 


The Joe Budden Podcast 

Hilarious and necessary.


4 PM at Fashionista  

The style darlings. 


Fashion Your Seatbelt  

The formal side of the fashion industry. 


Short Story Long 

A variety of well rounded conversations from people you wouldn’t expect. 



Honorable mentions for the podcast I also enjoyed that no longer put out content.  I think they were just for a specific moment in the person’s life. A diary.


A college kid figuring stuff out while I was also in college. I found it interesting at the time.


Party Supplies  

Heron Preston’s first and last attempt at hosting a podcast. I thought it was going to be a good series. He has a unique story and perspective. This, along with his various interviews, made me perceive him differently.


Hopefully someone discovers something new and relatable from this. If you’re reading this, reach out and send me your podcast recommendations or just chat about what the ones above. 

- Willie

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