Willie Burton


A Journey Home | Out of the Past Records

Marie, June 2019.



A true creative, entrepreneur, and historian of the westside of Chicago. Marie and her husband owned over 10 businesses in the Austin/Garfield Park neighborhood since the 70’s; most situated down Madison street. One of their many endeavors included a photography studio on the corner of Madison & Pulaski. Where her husband captured members of the community posted on their front porch to Martin Luther King when he visited Chicago. With such a deep history, their most notable accomplishment can be found in Out of the Past Records. 


An archival hub of black history within the arts. As well as the city’s largest vinyl record collection. It’s truly a crate diggers paradise and impossible to gage its wonders with even multiple visits. Being the first time we met, she welcomed me with open arms and knowledge. Our conversations focused on the community we call home, it’s magical history, and promising future. Sparking a sense of pride in where I’m from and inspiration during a time I’ve felt uninspired.


Marie and family who continue to run this gem are forever necessary and define the ethos of the westside. As young creatives from this area, we continue to weave the fabric. 



 - Willie